Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Non-genital Orgasms

In my sexual journeys since my injury I have discovered that the body is capable of many types of erotic pleasure. I do not have much feeling below my chest. I can only feel deep pressure and subtle sensations of energy flowing down my legs. I also have a fair amount of tightness in my back and hips do to sitting in my wheelchair. However, right above my nipple line and above I have mostly full sensation. What I've noticed is that in those areas sensation tends to be heightened. When massaged touched with the right person I can feel a great deal of pleasure! Sometimes the sensation just feels good and other times it feels quite erotic.

Because my neck was injured at the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae I have numbness in three fingers and partial sensation in my first finger. However, my thumbs are extra sensitive. What I've discovered is that my right thumb in particular feels really good when massaged or sucked. The more I've experimented with my thumb I noticed that it feels a lot like my penis. Because I have a fair amount of strength in my right arm I can use my right thumb to penetrate my partner orally or vaginally. And the more I experiment with the sensation is stronger the sensation becomes and the more orgastic the pleasure is.

Recently I was playing with my friend Claire. We began by her massaging my back, arms, neck and head. This helps my body relax because I hold so much tension in my back and pelvis. I also tend to do some stretching and yoga in the lotus position. This really opens up my hips and it builds energy in my cock which assists in erections.

For years I've used Viagra to assist in getting an erection. However, Viagra has side effects such as higher blood pressure and sometimes headaches. Recently I discovered an herbal supplement called Labidux that works just like Viagra without any of the side effects and it's way cheaper! You still need some manual stimulation but the erections will last for a very long time.

I also tried a new vibrating cock ring called the Fang Banger. this also helps with my erection and because I can feel vibration it created some pleasurable sensation. I had Claire sit on my lap with my legs crossed so she was facing me. The way the Fang Banger is designed not only produces vibration for me but also stimulates my partner in both her clitoris and perineum. So it doubles the pleasure for both of us!

In this Tantric position which is often called Yab-Yum, our chakras are aligned so we are able to use our breath to move erotic energy throughout our bodies. Although I have limited sensation in my genitals, I will imagine sending erotic energy with my breath from my cock to my partner's vagina, i.e. from my second chakra to hers. Then she will breathe that energy up to her heart and then I will breathe it into my heart and then exhaling it down to my genitals. As we continue to breath and visualize this is energetic pattern erotic energy grows and builds throughout our bodies. Sometimes it will build to the point where I will feel a big release of energy that feels very orgastic! Sometimes this occurs in my genitals and other times it's an explosion from my heart. When this happens I often feel tremendous amount of love and affection not only for my partner but for the whole world!

In our most recent session Claire has spent a lot of time sucking my thumb and massaging my hand and arm. I have noticed that subtle sensations such as the rubbing of her teeth or swirling of her tongue on my thumb feels very erotic and pleasurable! I have also discovered much pleasure as she massages the area of my hand right below my thumb. This area of my hand holds much tension and also has heightened sensation. She also let me thrust my thumb into her mouth which feels a lot like fucking.

As we continue to experiment with her sucking my thumb and massaging my hand I am focusing on breathing this energy from my cock up through my arm and out my thumb. Breathing circulates this erotic energy immensely! In this last session there were many times where I could feel a build up of tension. At that moment I would take a deep breath and hold it as long as I could and then release with a very powerful vocalization o the sound "ahhhhhh!" I could then feel a powerful release of energy and tension in my pelvis that felt much like an intense orgasm. However, there is no ejaculation. This was a very powerful or a non-genital orgasm!

After this energetic orgasm I have noticed an intense release of endorphins and relaxation throughout my body. I can also feel a streaming of warmth down my legs and no pain in my pelvis or back. Claire also mention that she had the experience that I energetically "came" in her mouth. The great thing is there is no loss of erection and my thumb is ready for more pleasure!

The more I practice this thumbsucking and thrusting the stronger this neural pathway becomes and the easier it is to experience these non-genital orgasms. It is my experience that the entire body is capable of great erotic pleasure. it only requires an open mind, a willingness to experiment, and lots of practice!


  1. Yea, Rafe! This is important info for everyone of every physical ability type. Skin, energy body, intention - these are all erotic. Thank you for sharing from your personal experience. I imagine your sharing will open many doors.

  2. What a fantastic site. I'd like to talk with you one day. Thanks.